Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller has spoken out on why he thinks streaming music numbers are "meaningless."

Ahead of their UK and Ireland tour later this year, it seems Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller hasn't been keeping track of the groups streams online.

Four out of the five girls are due to regroup for their upcoming tour this summer, and will be heading to a sold-out Croke Park on May 24th. If you weren't lucky enough to get tickets, they were being sold for upwards of €450 on reselling sites.

Now, their manager since 1994, Fuller has made remarks on not seeing the point of looking at online music streams. He said, "throwing numbers around is meaningless" and he isn't phased by "social media followings."

Fuller then admitted that, "we don’t even bother looking at it because I haven’t a clue what it is. My guess is it’s not very much."

Actually Fuller, the Spice Girls have racked up a hell of a lot of music streams. Going by Spotify alone, 'Wannabe' is the group's top stream with over 303 million streams; in at second place is '2 Become 1' with over 36 million.

While not naming anyone specifically, the manager went on to say that he could name a number of other musical artists with "over 100 million followers on Instagram who can barely sell out an arena of 20,000 people. [...] They’re not making meaningful money from any of that.  All that engagement [...] it looks impressive for a second, then it disappears."

Speaking on the Spice Girls, and how well their tour has sold, Fuller said "People engaged with them. They are engaged with them, the girls are awesome, they have a message which connects and we will sell out more stadiums, quicker, than any other artist on planet Earth.  Fact, proven, we did it."

Via Digital Music News.