While the Spice Girls' reunion is still in the early planning stages, the first murmurings from the camp suggested that although the girl group may be involved in various TV projects, performances and compilations, fans shouldn't get their hopes up about a world tour.

The reason given for their reluctance to tour was that Victoria Beckham and Geri Horner still have young children that they didn't want to leave for long stretches.

However, the latest reports suggest that there WILL be a world tour which will kick off in the UK this summer before moving to the US - with sources telling TMZ that they are still in the 'rough planning' stages but that they were also looking at 'merchandising opportunities' related to the tour.

A residency in Las Vegas is apparently off the cards, and there will be no new music recorded - which sounds good to us, to be fair.

Emma Bunton recently revealed what the quintet spoke about when they met up for the first time in years last week.