Now that we're in the last days of 2012, we thought it a good idea to reflect upon some of the music that made an impression (good or otherwise) upon us this year. This year in music will be remembered fondly - Jape deservedly winning a second Choice Prize for Best Irish Album at a ceremony in the Olympia in March, Ireland's continued excellence in summer festivals, the sad farewell (for some, at least) to Westlife. Of course there were a few unpleasant memories mixed in too, like the Swedish House Mafia debacle in Phoenix Park during the summer.

This year was another particularly good year for Irish music. Below are just a handful of songs which made an impression on us during the past twelve months. 

There are few albums due out next year (January 13th, to be exact) which are more anticipated than Villagers' sophomore effort. We've been privy to a selection of the new material at live shows and elsewhere and it's safe to say that fans of the band's first record will have their expectations surpassed when they listen to {Awayland}.


It's been quite a year for the four youngsters from Cavan. Since they released a debut EP in April, word of mouth has been rampant and has led to praise from the likes of Paul Weller, Elton John, a slew of publications (including ours) and now a multi-album record deal with Mercury. 2012 was a great one for the band but we suspect that it won't be a patch on what next year holds for them. 


Few would have predicted just how huge the praise for Heathers' second album Kingdom was going to be. If their debut album showed promise, their second certainly delivered upon it. Heathers are one of a few bands (Delorentos, Bouts and Leanne Harte being the others) who will play the awards ceremony The Erics on 16th January, for which you can buy tickets for €10 right here!


 Speaking of bands playing at The Erics on January 16th, Delorentos have also had a pretty phenomenal year. Their album Little Sparks is arguably their best and most satisfying release in their history and their 2012 culminated spectacularly with a huge headline show in Vicar Street. Delorentos have rightfully become one of Ireland's most beloved bands.