The Jonas Brothers are back.

Yesterday we reported that The Jonas Brothers might be making a comeback today after a six year hiatus - and would you believe it, they have. The siblings have released their new single 'Sucker' as well as an extremely lavish music video.

Adopting some definite 'Alice in Wonderland' vibes, the music video has the three brothers throw a party in a decadent house. Not only that, but all three of their partners are present in the video too.

Kevin Jonas' wife Danielle Deleasa, Nick Jonas' wife Priyanka Chopra, and Joe Jonas' finance Sophie Turner all feature in the music video. However, it is Turner who steals the show, adopting quite a disturbed persona for the video - and we love it.

Check out Turner shifting the hedges and stuffing her face with cake in The Jonas Brothers music video for 'Sucker' below.


Fans of the new music video can't get enough of Turner either.


We will accept her as a brother now.


It may be the year of Sophie Turner.

It's inspired us all.