N.W.A.'s 'F**k Tha Police' has been an anti-authority anthem ever since it was first released back in the 1980s, but some prankster in New Zealand is getting their money's worth from it in a different kind of way.

The prankster in particular has somehow managed to hack into the police radio frequency in Otago, New Zealand and constantly broadcasts the song down the airwaves.

However, despite it being downright hilarious on paper, Inspector Kelvin Lloyd told the Otago Times that the person responsible is putting their fellow citizens in danger by potentially causing delays in response times, and also breaking the law.

"There's no question that if it carries on and if they do what they're doing it will delay a response," he said. "Any interference with a police radio constitutes a risk to public safety, and anyone caught doing this can face a penalty of criminal nuisance and up to one year imprisonment.”

As MixMag points out, this has happened before... last year, someone hacked the frequency to broadcast pig noises.