Locals have reacted angrily after the Luke Kelly sculpture in Dublin was defaced with spray-paint.

Sunglasses were spray-painted on the sculpture of the Irish musician, which is located at Sheriff Street in the north inner city.

Local Councillor Anthony Flynn tweeted an image of the statue, which was unveiled just a few months ago. "Absolute ridiculous act of vandalism, mocks the memory of an inner city icon," he said. "Someone had to have seen this being done. Mindless and senseless, plenty of CCTV here."

Former Lord Mayor Christy Burke said he was "Outraged and really annoyed".

North Inner City councillor Gary Gannon also criticised the vandal. He tweeted: "I'm not going to share the photo, but the person who defaced the Luke Kelly statue is an absolute prick. If you know this person, if you egged them on, or are now laughing at their behaviour, then you too are a complete prick."

Designed by artist Vera Klute, the unique sculpture depicts the Dubliners man in full voice. It was unveiled - alongside a bronze statue on South King Street - in January 2019.