Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK has announced their third album 'If I Never Know You Like This Again' today.

The artist's third album follows up on 2019's 'Grim Town'. Their debut album was the Choice Music Prize-winning 'Before We Forgot How to Dream' from 2015.

Monds-Watson said that "the record is the most accurate picture of me. I felt no pressure at all, it was almost like I was ranting as I was writing. When I was looking to the past, it was as though I had a big lottery ball of all my recent memories and I would just randomly select which one I wanted to unpack. It helped me to process my past."

Alongside long-time collaborator Tommy McLaughlin, the two wrote most of the album together while listening obsessively to indie bands like Broken Social Scene, Pavement and Radiohead's classic album 'The Bends'. They honed in on this new riff-led, mid-90s sound. They were "nerding out on guitars and pedals like moronic bros" before recording it with the rest of the band in Attica Studios in Donegal.

Previous SOAK albums had either been recorded remotely or by just two people, but 'If I Never…' sees all the members of SOAK in the studio simultaneously.

After being away from each other for the majority of the pandemic, it was important to create the record as a band. The joyful energy of having everyone in the same room again is palpable.

As well as the new album announcement and single release, SOAK has also announce new gig dates for the coming year.

Watch the video for their new single 'last july' below. You can also pre-order the new album here.