It's no surprise that practically every band or artist on the planet would have loved to work with David Bowie at some point in their career.

Recently, we've heard how the late icon turned down the chance to work with Coldplay in the most brilliant of ways, as well as saying 'thanks, but no thanks' to Red Hot Chili Peppers - and now Dave Grohl has revealed that he was also turned down by Bowie.

He told Playboy in a new interview that he met Bowie at his 50th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden, and then later got in touch with him via email about collaborating on a song for a film soundtrack.

"About two years ago, I got approached by this movie to do a song for the movie, so I thought, 'Maybe I'll have someone else sing. I'll do the music and then have another vocalist.' And then I thought, 'Maybe I'll ask and see if David would do it'," he said.

"So the next day I get an email and it said, 'David, I watched the movie and I got to be honest, it's not my thing.' He said, 'I'm not made for these times. So thanks, but I think I'm gonna sit this one out.'"

Grohl said that he then replied to Bowie's email, and got the reply: "Alright, well that's settled then. Now, f**k off."

In a rather poignant ending to the story, Grohl said that he'd see Bowie at his next birthday concert. "He immediately sends one back and says, 'Don't hold your breath...No more birthdays, I've run out of them'," he said. "But then he wrote, 'But that was a really fun night, wasn't it?'"