Snow Patrol are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album 'Final Straw' - but it seems that the Northern Irish band are not as united as they were when the album was recorded.

In recent days, there has been major drama within the band's camp as members Jonny Quinn and Paul 'Pablo' Wilson had departed.

The news was broken in an Instagram post last week by frontman Gary Lightbody, who revealed the "sad news" that the pair had "decided to leave Snow Patrol." Quinn has been a member since 1997, while Wilson joined in 2005.

However, over the weekend, the wife of drummer Jonny Quinn apparently took to social media to make comments that suggest that Quinn's departure was not by mutual agreement. Marianne Quinn allegedly responded to a comment on one of Lightbody's posts, saying "It’s been a fucker. Fucked by you know who."

The Belfast Telegraph also reported that she wrote a post on her own account (now locked), claiming that the reasons for Quinn's departure from the band were "not the best", although she thanked remaining members Lightbody and Nathan Connolly - rather pointedly omitting a thanks for Johnny McDaid.

She also allegedly referred to McDaid as a "weird fanboy" and a "snake". McDaid is in a relationship with actress Courteney Cox and has co-written songs for the likes of Ed Sheeran and Robbie Williams.

Snow Patrol, meanwhile, will continue working on their forthcoming eighth album as a trio, with the album due next year.