It's hard to believe that 'Without Me' is twenty years old - yes, 2-0 - this year, but for music fans of a certain generation it'll always be a staple of their teenage and early twentysomething years.

Not everyone feels as reverentially toward the Eminem track, however, as SNL parodied it in their most recent episode at the weekend - the second time they've done so this season.

Having played the Detroit rapper in a parody of 'Stan' back in December, Pete Davidson reprised his role as Slim Shady for 'Without Me', which was set in a university economics class. Kate McKinnon played Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, who was appearing in the class as a guest speaker, while Chris Redd played Dr. Dre (dressed as Morpheus from 'The Matrix'). All pretty standard SNL, to be fair.

With lines like "Two silicon boys were talking outside, talking outside, talking outside / Now what the hell’s an NFT / Apparently cryptocurrency/ Everyone’s making so much money/ Can you please explain what’s an NFT?”, they made sure they were on the nose with current cultural references, however.

Watch it below: