Billy Corgan frontman of Smashing Pumpkins has declared that the bands next album is to be a 'cruel record' in the hope to have vengeance on those who doubted him.

The band who have just released their seventh studio album Oceania are already working towards the next album in the hope of releasing it in December 2013.

According to NME Corgan said 'I'm starting to write new songs for the next Pumpkins album. I got a lot going on. I have a title for the next album but I won’t tell. It’s going to be a cruel record. Vengeance is mine'

Corgan added that he was reluctant to rely on the bands bank catelogue and preferred to work on new music 'I'm in my 40s, I should be making new music predominantly. I think that that expectation that’s been created is really bad for people'

The singer has ambitions of releasing the eight album as soon as December 2013 but is conscious of the bands schedule as they are currently on a world tour promoting Oceania. 'That's really ambitious, because we're still touring, and I've never been successful writing on tour. I don't even try. So even if we went into the studio in November when we come off of this tour, it's still pretty ambitious to have it out by then.'

Corgan has also just opened a 1930's chinese tea shop making loads of people wonder if he has made a rock n roll faux pas. Corgan is said to be very involved in the shop and can even be seen some days serving and chatting to customers.