Billy Corgan has moved into the world of wrestling - but don't worry, you won't be seeing him inside a ring anytime soon.

Instead, the frontman has joined professional wrestling organisation (the silly, made-up kind, not the 'Foxcatcher' kind) TNA as a Senior Producer.

That means that he'll have a say in characters and storylines on TNA's Impact Wrestling show.

His new role will run concurrently to his musical career. Smashing Pumpkins' last album was 2014's 'Monuments to an Elegy', with another, 'Day and Night', due later this year or early 2016.

Corgan said that he was "humbled and honored' to be part of TNA, and that it was a "dream come true."

"In return, I'm fully committed to using my 30 years of entertainment experience, along with my deep-rooted passion for pro wrestling, to take on the thrilling challenge of creatively contributing to Impact Wrestling, finding and developing new talent, and working eye-to-eye with the best-of-the-best," he said. "For as cultures currently evolve at great speed, so must pro wrestling meet and supersede such expectations to thrive."

Watch Corgan talk about his passion for wrestling below: