To say that the members of Smashing Pumpkins have had a contentious relationship over the years is to understate the case just a smidge.

However, since several members of the rock band's 'classic' line-up are reuniting for a new project - which is set to be unveiled this week, as per a countdown clock on their website - you might think that all is harmonious in Pumpkin Land once more.

Not so - and bassist D'Arcy Wretzky is not happy about being left out of the reunion.

She made the comments in an interview with BlastEcho, saying that Billy Corgan had initially invited her, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin to be part of the reunion, but later rescinded the offer.

"D’arcy said that Corgan initially made a contract offer to her, Iha and Chamberlin, which was agreed upon by all parties," the article read. "However, a month later D’arcy says Billy told her “well, that wasn’t a real offer.” It’s unclear whether or not the initial offer remains for Iha and Chamberlin, although D’arcy is under the impression it is.

An explanation as to why the offer was rescinded, too, remains unclear. Cryptically, she said she has an inkling but “that is a whole other can of worms and a big, ugly one! Another time.”

In response, the band issued the below statement:



This one could run and run.