If you're lucky, you may be wining and dining somebody special this Valentine's. You've got the legs shaved, you've got the back waxed and the bedsheets changed for a night of whatever-you're-having-yourself. So in order to set the mood, we've gone out and done you a friggin' service by choosing six songs legit-guaranteed to help you get the ride tonight. If these don't help you get your end away, you need to look at either your personality or your breath / dental issues.


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6. AIR - 'Playground Love'

No kidding, this song is how we imagine sex in a bed of silk sheets feels like. Just listen to that sax. Trivia time - that's the lead singer from Phoenix doing the vocals. The video's a bit weird, though. Talking chewing gum? Yuck.



5. BOB MARLEY - 'Waiting In Vain'

Never underestimate the ability of Bob Marley to set the tone and mood for possible shifting. Lazy, laid-back and a great song. Poifect.



4. PINK FLOYD - 'Wish You Were Here'

It might be hackneyed and mauled by shitty buskers in Temple Bar and parts beyond, but it's still a fantastic song. 



3. GOLDFRAPP - 'Strict Machine'

Goldfrapp is the definition of sexy synthesisers. A song about connecting "when I'm flush and plugged in you"?  We're guessing she's talking about one of those massage devices we've heard so much about. Also - Allison Goldfrapp is FORTY-SEVEN. Jaysus.



2. MARVIN GAYE - 'Let's Get It On'

With soft lighting and the right amount of alcohol, this song can cause unsuspecting people to suddenly break down and start rutting. Use only when it's coming (heh) close to the end of the night.



1. BLOODHOUND GANG - 'The Bad Touch'

If all else fails, give this a spin.