The remaining members of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool have revealed that they intend to release their debut album in October, despite the suicide of lead singer Charles Haddon shortly after a performance at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. The album, originally titled Christ Died For Our Synths, is now to be called The Golden Year.

Haddon's body was found in a car park behind the main stage shortly after his band concluded their set. He had jumped from a telecommunications mast. Haddon had previously injured a female fan while attempting a stagedive and witnesses reported that the sight of the fan (who is expected to make a full recovery) being removed on a stretcher sent Haddon into shock. Haddon was overheard saying "I hope she pulls through. I hope she will be able to walk." The concert was cut short and the band reportedly had a heated discussion backstage before, later that evening, Haddon's body was found.

The Golden Year will be released on October 3rd.