Sinead O'Connor's entrance into the literary world promises to be a "must read"

According to a report in the New York Times, Sinead O'Connor has begun working on her memoirs for a March 2016 release date and, true to her style, it appears that there'll be a series of explosive tales from her life contained within.

As quoted by the NYT, O'Connor said: "I've never stoped expressing myself in my music, and now, with a book."

Having never particularly been the shy, retiring type, O'Connor promises to "dish the dirt" on everyone she has ever "slept with".

Publishers Blue Rider Press state that the tome will "cover the singer's turbulent upbringing in Ireland, her breakout as an artist with 1987's 'The Lion and the Cobra' and her nine subsequent albums, her controversial opinions and actions, as well as her personal and musical struggles and triumphs, through the present days."

The book, which will be published here by Penguin Ireland, promises to be one of the most compelling reads in many a year and it'll be fascinating to get a distilled account of Sinead's many run-ins from Saturday Night Live back in the early 90's to the Miley Cyrus back and forth last year.