Sinead O'Connor recently published her first memoir 'Rememberings', and by all accounts it's a great read and has been receiving positive reviews across the board.

However, although she made her name globally as a singer and performer, the Dubliner made a big announcement just a few days ago saying that she was calling it quits on music and that her next album 'No Veteran Dies Alone' would be her last.

"This is to announce my retirement from touring and from working in the record business," she wrote on Twitter. I've gotten older and I'm tired. So it's time for me to hang up my nipple tassels, having truly given my all. NVDA in 2022 will be my last release. And there'll be no more touring or promo."

The news made the front pages of some newspapers and she later elaborated, saying "Apologies if any upset caused to booking agents or promoters or managers due to my tweeting about my retirement. I guess the book made me realise I'm my own boss. I didn't wanna wait for permission from the men, as to when I could announce it. Also, I'd had a few whiskeys : )," before offering her services to The Voice of Ireland as a mentor.

However, last night she appeared to make a u-turn on her decision to quit music, saying "Good news. Fuck retiring. I retract. Am not retiring. I was temporarily allowing pigs in lipstick to fuck my head up... here's my statement..... in the form of these three photos. It's 'colourful' but that's me : ) #LetOConnorBeOConnor".

The lengthy statement, which you can read below, blames the media - i.e. 'pigs in lipstick' - surrounding the release of 'Rememberings' as the catalyst for her 'knee-jerk reaction'. She singled out a Canadian journalist and particularly the BBC Radio show 'Women's Hour' for 'triggering' her, as a survivor of child abuse and trauma, with their line of questioning.

"I lied when I said I'm past my peak," she wrote. 'Ain't no such fuckin' thing. I'm just past listening to any more shite about how crazy people are invalid.

"I want to extend my heartfelt apologies to all fans, buyers, promoters, venues and hot dog sellers for the fright I've given you. To be honest I gave myself a fright too.

"I was not myself last week by the time Pigs in Lipstick was finished with me."

Read the full statement below: