In early 2010 rumours first emerged that LCD Soundsystem were to split. Many refused to believe those rumours, branding them scurrilous and unfounded. There was a third full length album - This Is Happening - on the way, the follow up to the incredibly successful Sound of Silver. Why would the dance-punk legends call it quits now, right at the height of their popularity?

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy explained to me in our 2010 interview:

"I'm 40, we all have lives. I love this band and I wouldn't want to be in another band at all. But the problem is you shouldn't do it if you're not going to do it well. To do it well, to do it in a dignified way, requires it to be almost your entire life. This is all I do. I used to be able to do this, plus a label, plus DJing, plus remixes, plus producing. I can't do those things anymore."

"The band itself is incredibly fun", continued Murphy when we talked in May 2010. "If anything, it's become more fun. We had an amazing time making [This Is Happening]. We had an amazing time making this record. I probably had the most fun making this record than any other and I'm already having the most fun playing with this band now than any other time we've played together."

"I'm burned out by some of the business of it but not burned out on being in the band. It's just that it stops me from doing other things that I'd like to do. That's the only drawback, I'm not complaining at all - this had been a dream band to be in. At a certain point the only reason to not stop doing it would be financial and that's just not a good enough reason to be in a band."

So that was it. It was official. LCD Soundsystem played three more Irish shows after this date, one at Electric Picnic 2010 and a couple more in the now defunct Tripod. That was the Irish send-off but closer to home on the East Coast of the US, where the band's impact was even more pronounced, plans were being laid down for LCD's funeral at the only place that made sense - Madison Square Garden on April 2nd 2011.

Filmmakers Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace filmed a documentary - Shut Up and Play the Hits - about that final days of LCD Soundsystem and, like any other wake worth its salt, it's filled with tears, smiles, celebration, remorse and a spectrum of other emotions. Oh, and some killer music.

Shut Up and Play the Hits will receive its Irish premiere showing at various cinemas across Ireland on Tuesday September 4th, which will include a live satellite link up interview with James Murphy. The full list of participating cinemas is below.



Catch Shut Up and Play The Hits at one of the following:

 Light House Cinema, Dublin
 IFI, Dublin
 Eye Cinema, Galway
 IMC Tallaght
 IMC Dun Laoghaire
 Omniplex Galway
 Omniplex Cork Mahon Point
 Omniplex Limerick
 Century Letterkenny
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• Movies @ Swords
• SGC Dungarvan
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• Mayo Movieworld Castlebar