At one of the most analysed media-filled trials in history Sharon Osbourne will get to do what she does best; mouth off. Having been subpoenaed yesterday to testify in the Michael Jackson civil trial against promoters AEG live, she has assured the public she will comply and stand witness.

The connection between the Ozzys and Jacksons may seem elusive but then again they are two bizarre families in the 'biz. Of course they bump into each other from time to time. Sharon claims AEG live promoters knew Michael was too sick to tour but pushed him for financial gain. According to her, these promoters openly discussed such affairs with her and she is only to happy to disclose them. Of course she is.

With the defence attorney asking for Randy Jackson to be kicked out of the courtroom and mother Katherine Jackson demanding at least one child with her in court at all times, this recent witness revelation only adds fuel to the fire of celeb insanity.

Sharon's full inside story has not yet been disclosed but stick to for more news as it breaks on the legendary music families' saga.

Words By: Aoife Ryan