In a moment that will be spoken of and talked about years, if not decades to come, Shania Twain revealed in a recent interview that she is in fact impressed by Brad Pitt.

Shania Twain's landmark hit, 'That Don't Impress Me Much', specifically stated she was not impressed by Brad Pitt, a person having a car, or being a rocket scientist. However, in last year's deeply underrated sci-fi drama 'Ad Astra', Brad Pitt fulfilled all three of these targets.

Twain told the Daily Telegraph that she noted this achievement by Pitt, and added that she "didn’t realise it would go this far or be memorable. I’m thrilled that reference has lasted the test of time."

What's more, Twain added that she was "very impressed by Brad’s wonderful career," noting Pitt's recent Best Supporting Actor gong for 'Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood'. At last. At long last. Pitt finally did it. He impressed Shania Twain.

Incredible stuff. You just love to see it.

"I hope he takes it with the sense of humour that was intended," Twain said. Hey, she's finally impressed by Brad Pitt and we were nearly twenty years behind her. She's just more discerning than the rest of us.