Former Westlifer Shane Filan will play The Olympia Theatre on March 11 as part of his first ever solo tour. 

Filan will release his debut solo album 'You & Me' through Capitol Records on November 1. This follows the success of his debut single 'Everything To Me'. The next single 'About You' will be released a day before the album. 'About You' is written by Shane with Steve Mac and Wayne Hector, who wrote 'Flying Without Wings' for Westlife.

Speaking of his solo material, Filan said: "I got off to a really good start. Everything To Me felt like beginners' luck, but I didn’t know how good it was. Then the label were phoning, going “This is great!” I’d shown to myself I could do this and that took the pressure off. I was flying in those first two weeks and then suddenly I was in Nashville with really famous songwriters, partly thinking ‘WOW!’ but also ‘Right, let’s do this.'"

He continued: "People don’t want to hear about your problems. Everyone has problems, lots of people are struggling financially at the moment and it’s not something to harp on about. What I got out of my situation is that I’m so lucky to have three healthy kids, a healthy marriage and an amazing wife. That’s what the album is about – trying to tell people not to worry. I’ve been there and it’s not worth it. You get through it and you try to stay positive, so I’ve tried to keep the songs positive."

Tickets from €33.50 On Sale Friday 13th September, 9am.