When we first heard that Shaggy was cast as Sebastian the Crab in ABC's 'The Little Mermaid Live!', it seemed inspired.

A Jamaican crab being played by a Jamaican musician with clearly more than his fair share of mischief in his back catalogue - what could possibly go wrong?

'The Little Mermaid Live!' was broadcast on US TV last night, and overall it seemed to be well-received.

One of the biggest issues people had, however, was Shaggy's apparent refusal to wear an actual crab costume. His red leather rig-out seemed more like something a kinky motorbike rider would wear.

Queen Latifah, on the other hand, was extremely well-received as Ursula, with many now calling for her to be cast in Disney's live action remake of the animation.

Watch her performance of 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' below:

See the reaction to her role below: