Duke Special fans will be pleased to hear that they can see the object of their affection twice in one day, in two different cities, and for free - next Saturday, October 18th.

Mr. Special, who releases his third album 'I Never Thought This Day Would Come' this Friday, will play a live instore gig in HMV Grafton Street at 11am.

Afterwards, 40 fans will be given the opportunity to travel, via a 'special' bus (badum tish), to his hometown of Belfast to see him perform in HMV, Donegall Arcade at 5pm. Don't worry, you won't be stranded - the bus will return to Dublin after the instore is finished.

Entrance to both instores is wristband-only. Wristbands (limited to two per person) are available from both stores from 8.30am on Friday, October 17th.

Seperate wristbands for the bus to Belfast will be issued at HMV Grafton Street at the same time. Anyone under 18 who's planning to travel to Belfast, must be accompanied by an adult.