Sam Smith has opened up about struggling with his weight from childhood in a new interview.

The musician was interviewed by actress Jameela Jamil for her I Weigh interview series.

'The Good Place' star spearheads I Weigh, which is an online movement to combat body-shaming.

Sam Smith talked about being too shy for years to take off his shirt to go swimming. He also opened up about getting liposuction to remove weight from his chest.

Smith admitted "I struggle with it every day" and talked about being bullied for his weight.

He also discussed the links between weight and depression: "Two days ago I had a full day where I was like “I just have to sit alone I think.” I’m getting so sad."

He added: "I get very, very dark. Very sad. Recently I’ve been able to get out of those holes a bit quicker because of things like I Weigh."


Last month, Sam shared an body positivity Instagram post in which he posed topless.