Many people know that Ryan Adams is a big fan of Britpop and British guitar bands in general - he has been very vocal about his love of The Smiths in the past, and of course, he famously covered Oasis's 'Wonderwall' on his 'Love is Hell' EP.

It seems that he's taken the Gallagher spirit even further in recent days by channelling Liam's DGAF attitude and throwing a few insults around - most notably in the direction of The Strokes - and even signing off with Gallagher's 'As you were' trademark.

Although they're deleted from his Twitter account now, one of them said:

"Abert Hammond is a more horrible songwriter than his dad. If that's possible.

It rains in Sthtrn CA & washes out the dirt

As you were RA x

— Ryan Adams (@TheRyanAdams) July 31, 2017"


The second, meanwhile, took a potshot at the New York band's frontman:

"Julian Casablancas: who got you strung out on lasagna tho?

— Ryan Adams (@TheRyanAdams) July 31, 2017"

An in-joke that was misconstrued, or is he getting back at the band for accusing him of being responsible for Hammond's heroin addiction back in the day, as they seemed to allege in Lizzy Goodman's new book "Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City, 2001–2011"?

We may never know...