Paddy Moloney has co-produced the latest album from The Chieftains alongside legendary Grammy award winning Americana guitarist Ry Cooder.

Due for release on March 5th, San Patricio tells the story of a battalion of conscripted Irish immigrant who deserted the U.S. Army in 1846 to fight on the Mexican side against the invading Yankees in the Mexican-American War, reports

Moloney comments on the album's subject matter, "The men of the San Patricio Battalion are remembered by generations of Mexicans to this day as heroes who fought bravely against an unjust and thinly veiled war of aggression".

As well as a piece of narration from Liam Neeson on 'March To The Battle', San Patricio features guest contributions from Lila Downs, Van Dyke Parks, Linda Ronstadt and more.