We've heard enough 'Spice Girls reforming' rumours over the last few years to know to take each one with a pinch of salt.

It's the story that rears its head once or twice a year, one of them will allude to the possibility, another will shut it down, nothing happens and then the cycle begins all over again.

However, it seems that the latest rumour may have legs as reports suggest that all five of the iconic girl group have agreed terms for a reunion, bagging £10 million each into the bargain.

In previous years, Victoria Beckham has flat-out denied any possibility of turning away from her career in fashion to return to music, and Mel C has said that she wouldn't do it unless all five were involved.

Now, however, there's a story that Beckham has agreed to take part - but only if she doesn't have to sing.

The Sun report that Simon Fuller - their original manager - has put the deal together, with a source saying: "Now that she’s a top designer Victoria is concerned about singing but she wants to make money to pump back into her business."

The reunion deal will not involve a world tour, as apparently both Geri Horner (nee Halliwell) and Beckham have young children - but it's set to focus on "TV projects in China, a new telly talent show, endorsement deals and a compilation album celebrating their greatest hits."

Whether there are any live shows in the mix at all remains to be seen... as, indeed, does the possibility of this whole thing being complete bunkum.