Yep, looks like if you want to see Blur you better be busily buying yourself an Oxegen ticket this morning, 'cause it might just be the last time to get the chance. After announcing a string of UK dates this summer, Blur's reunion may be short-lived as drummer Dave Rowntree has admitted that he has plans to leave music altogether to pursue a career as a barrister.

Rowtree revealed that he has accepted an internship at a London law firm and eventually intends to make it his full time job. After the current Blur tour, of course.
" I only went along for a day but then they said I could go in once a week as work experience. Now I go in three times a week. Hopefully I can go and work there when I’m finished with the Blur tour."

As well as having been selected as a local councillor representing the Labour Party, all that legal knowledge is bound to come in handy for Dave's his work as a director of the recently established Featured Artists Coalition, which aims to bring fairer conditions to artists in the music industry.

**Rowntree has since issued a statement saying he does not intend to leave Blur and any advncement in his legal and political career will be secondary to the band.
"As anyone who follows the band will know, we all have interests outside Blur... I am currently at law school, about to sit the exams for the first part of my training as a solicitor. I am fitting my studies around our preparation for the shows in the summer... I have one more year of academic training to complete, but if we decide to do more as Blur, I will obviously continue to fit my studies around the band and not the other way round. Whatever else I do, first and foremost I am a musician."**