Today, July 12th, is the 50th anniversary of the first ever Rolling Stones gig at London's Marquee Club on Oxford Street and the band gathered together for a photograph to celebrate the occasion (see above).

This is a rare photo appearance of the band together, the first time they've been all pictured together since the premiere of Martin Scorcese's Shine A Light in 2008.

The first Rolling Stones performance featured a line-up of Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Ian Stewart (Piano), Dick Taylor (bass) and Tony Chapman (drums). Photos from the Stones' long history will be published in the upcoming Rolling Stones: 50 picture book, set to hit the shelves in October.

Keith Richards told BBC News yesterday that "there are things in the works" with regard to playing live again. "I think it's definitely happening. But when? I can't say yet. We're playing around with the idea and had a couple of rehearsals - we've got together and it feels so good."

Speaking about the reasons for the groups incredible longevity, Richards said: "back then, groups used to last about two or three years. You hoped to have a good time and that was that."

Asked about his regrets, Richards said there was only two: "I wouldn't have taken certain things if I'd known what I'd have to do to get off of it. I regret Brian (Jones) dying. I remember thinking 'Brian, how dare you leave the band' because we were all very close."