Roger Waters has never been a man afraid to speak his mind - whether it's regarding his former Pink Floyd bandmates or anyone else who rubs him up the wrong way.

Now, the musician has Bono in his sights, as he referred to the U2 frontman as "disgusting" in a new interview.

Waters was talking specifically about the social media post (and comments made by Bono during a gig, where he changed the lyrics of the band's song 'Pride' to "Early morning, Oct. 7, the sun is rising in the desert sky… Stars of David, they took your life but they could not take your pride") in the wake of the October 7th attacks in Israel.

Many have criticised the hypocrisy of the band for failing to also acknowledge the horrifying crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians - including Waters, who has been a long-time critic of Israel and its policies.

"My mother told me, when faced with difficult problems, the first thing to do is to read—read, read, read," he said. "Then, the next part is easy: do the right thing.

"Anybody who knows Bono should go and pick him up by his ankles and shake him… until he stops being a little shit."

He continued: "We have to start saying to these people, your opinion is so disgusting and so degrading… sticking up for the Zionist entity. What he did a couple of weeks ago in the Sphere in Las Vegas, singing about the Stars of David, was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in my life."

Watch the video below: