It certainly seems like Ed Sheeran is making the most of his year out - but he hasn't completely hung up his songwriting gloves, as Robbie Williams' latest story proves.

The sometime Take That man releases his new album 'Heavy Entertainment Show', and has written some of its songs with some big names.

One of them is Sheeran, who collaborated on a song called 'Pretty Woman' - but instead of working together in the studio, the pair wrote and recorded it over email, while Sheeran was on a cruise.

Williams told Magic FM: "It was all done by email. He wasn’t in the room, sadly, but I’m sure we’ll get to have our day in the studio together soon.

"I think he was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at the time, on the Queen Mary. That’s where he was. He booked several suites to record some music."

You know what this means: obviously, Sheeran's next album is either a Little Mermaid tribute album (he does have the right colour hair), or a collection of ocean/water-themed songs... 'H20' would fit nicely with 'X' and '+', after all...