His brother infamously once referred to him as 'the fat dancer from Take That', but it seems that Robbie Williams is willing to let bygones be bygones, if his latest comments are anything to go by.

The pop star does not hold a grudge against the Gallagher Brothers, and in fact is gunning for a collaboration with Liam, who releases his debut solo album this year.

Williams famously hung out with Oasis at Glastonbury not long before he quit Take That, and he wants to rekindle the friendship, saying that he's 'always been a fan' of Oasis.

He told NME: "It would be fucking amazing! But I don’t think he’s got it together enough to allow himself to do that. He’s not gonna work with fucking Robbie Williams. It’s really unfortunate for me because I’d fucking love it. And it would shock the world for a day.”

Gallagher, meanwhile, has not responded to the comments on Twitter, although he has been taunting fans of his brother's band: