Over the last few years, the ticket resale market has grown exponentially - but not without controversy, as many people feel that it is a glorified method of touting and ultimately, fans lose out.

Resale sites are essentially used when the 'general sale' tickets of a gig have sold out, giving fans the opportunity to buy tickets but at a vastly inflated price.

It seems that Robbie Williams has now become embroiled in a controversy related to his UK tour this summer, as a BBC report has claimed that tickets for various dates have been placed on resale sites by his own management team, ie: music.

They say that tickets for his Manchester gig at the Etihad Stadium - level one, block 126 - were £95 on Ticketmaster. However, 'platinum' tickets for level one, block 125 were on resale site Get Me In! for £160, and accompanied by a note that read: "The seller of this ticket is the organiser of the event or a person acting on behalf of the organiser of the event." It essentially means that the profit from the 'platinum' tickets goes straight to the seller.

ie:music have been accused of being hypocritical after signing a petition against ticket exploitation in 2015, which called on the government to "take stronger action against resale sites."

Neither they nor Williams have commented on the matter.