Robbie Williams has cancelled the remaining European dates of his 'Heavy Entertainment Show' in Russia, just days after speaking about his depression and the correlation with fame in a new interview.

In The Sunday Times last weekend, the British pop star admitted that he struggled with his mental health and his public life. "I don't know if I'd be this mentally ill without fame," he said. "I don't think it would be as gross or as powerful if it hadn't have been for fame...

"I'm not moaning about it. I would still have signed up. I'm just saying, when 'a' happens, it does 'b' to me. This job is really bad for my health. It's going to kill me. Unless I view it in a different way."

There were two dates left on his tour in Russia, along with a scheduled appearance at a singing contest. All three dates have been cancelled 'due to illness', according to his publicist, and the tour will resume in New Zealand in February. He has not personally commented on the cancellations on social media.