After denying many a rumour that he would reunite with Take That at last night's Children In Need gig at London's Royal Albert Hall, Robbie Williams appeared on stage with his former bandmates for the first time in fifteen years.

Take That opened the show with 'Greatest Day', before Gary Barlow invited their Robbie to follow them onstage and greeted him with a hug. By all accounts the reaction from the crowd was tremendous, though they must have been disappointed as the band left the stage after just moments, leaving Robbie to perform his new solo single 'Bodies'.

Robbie and Take That later appeared together onstage for an all star finale, a cover of The Beatles' 'Hey Jude', alonsgide the likes of Paul McCartney, Leona Lewis, Snow Patrol, Lily Allen, Muse and Cheryl Cole.

Robbie is quoted as saying, "I started tearing up just before I came on, and the lads were singing and knowing it was just about to happen and knowing what the reactions were going to be like, and then all my team were like 'Please don't cry! .... And I think we should have milked it for a lot longer than we actually did. I think Gaz, in his wisdom, went, 'Right, we should get off now, let the lad do his singing. That's the first time in 15 years; we should have at least stayed there for 10 minutes."

As for a the reunion that people have been speculating about for many, many moons now, he said, "The reunion's not happening tonight - we have to wait for something very special ... But the ball is rolling for a Take That album with me. I was tearing up when I was on stage with the lads ... I love them - there's no more hard feelings. If we did a reunion, it would have to be Back For Good. I'd do one of Gazza's songs instead of my Could It Be Magic as I'm over all that now."


Robbie has since spoken to BBC Radio 2's Kate Thornton, as part of an interview to be broadcast on Christmas Day, and has reportedly claimed to have been in the studio writing and recording with Take That.

At first Williams was very vague about the collaboration: "We'd have to have written some incredibly great songs together for me to be very, very excited about the project. I might be 'very, very excited' about a project that's currently happening. Gaz (Barlow) is an amazing, amazing singer-songwriter. I'm honoured to be in the same studio as him... erm... when we do, in the future."

When pushed on the matter, Robbie admitted, "Oh sod it, we've been in and the songs are absolutely amazing."