Kaiser Chiefs (yes, they're still around) played a big gig at London's O2 Arena on Saturday night, but footage has emerged that suggests that all is not right in frontman Ricky Wilson's world.

Fans who attended the gig took to social media to express both their concern and their displeasure, with one describing it as a "sh*t show". "Ricky Wilson was absolutely wasted," they tweeted. "Slurring, forgetting lyrics, stumbling all over the place, repeatedly telling the crowd that he didn’t want to be there. Never seen an arena empty out early, so quickly!" However, other fans disputed this and said that the arena remained full until the final song.

Another tweeted: "Real talk: is Ricky Wilson okay??? Either he was completely off his nut on something throughout tonight's Kaiser Chiefs show, or he's got some really worrying behaviour going on. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch."

Fan-shot footage of Wilson singing the band's song 'Born to Be a Dancer' out of tune has also emerged, with the same person claiming that the frontman said they he 'didn't want to be there.'

So far, neither Wilson nor the band have addressed the situation.