It's like it's 1985 all over again.

Although Rick Astley is predominantly known for his one-hit wonder, Never Gonna Give You Up, the singer's been working steadily in the industry since his hit single from 1985.

In fact, his latest album, 50, is now sitting on top of the UK album charts in the coveted top position. Astley, who incidentally is 50, has beaten competition from the likes of Drake, ELO, Elton John and Tom Odell to secure the No.1 position in the charts.

According to the official chart records, Astley sold just over 3,700 albums more than his nearest rival, Tom Odell. Although Odell had more downloads and streams, Astley's album had more physical sales - that's CDs and vinyl - than Odell.

Astley's song became an Internet sensation when it was used as part of a prank known as Rick-Rolling. The official Vevo video on YouTube has now amassed over 216 MILLION views since it's been uploaded on YouTube.

In fairness, he did say he was never going to give us up, so it's no surprise he got to the top of the charts.