Russia's recent record with the Eurovision Song Contest is shaky, to say the least.

Last year, they pulled out of the competition because of a furore regarding their entry Julia Samoylova and a visa restriction for Ukraine, due to her previously performing in Crimea.

Now, reports have suggested that they may refuse to broadcast Ireland's entry - all because the video features a same-sex couple holding hands

Some have speculated that the video for Ryan O'Shaughnessy's song 'Together' may breach Russia's controversial 'gay propaganda' law, with reports suggesting that a broadcast ban on the song has been threatened. However, while the promotional video is obviously not played during the performance, if a same-sex couple is also featured during O'Shaughnessy's live performance and Russia then refused to broadcast Ireland's entry, they would face sanctions and a possible ban from the competition.

Ireland is set to perform in the first semi-final, while Russia is set to compete in the second semi-final; if O'Shaughnessy gets through to the final and Russia then refuses to broadcast the entry, this is where the problems may lie.

He doesn't seem that bothered by it, though...


Via Metro