The owner of Stradbally Hall estate confirms that contracts for a further ten years of Electric Picnic have been signed.

Rumours of an impending cancellation earlier this year, to another suggestion that this might be the last Electric Picnic ever, appear to have both been off the mark as it has been announced today that Electric Picnic looks set to continue until at least 2023.

The Stradbally estate's owner Thomas Cosby confirmed the news today, as quoted by, saying: "It's amazing how it's flown by, and it's a great thing we've got to ten years so quickly. It's amazing it's sold out in its tenth year - it bodes well for the future."

Rumours that Electric Picnic was to be cancelled this year were accurate, due to bickering between the rights holders of the festival, but ultimately proved off the mark and it's likely that this year's impressive ticket sales heartened festival organisers to the point of committing themselves to holding further festivals in future.

It should be noted, however, that this agreement doesn't explicitly guarantee a further ten Electric Picnics, more likely that it guarantees the option to hold them at the organiser's discretion.