Pop fans of a certain age will no doubt be thrilled by reports that Bros, the '80s pop act led by twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss, are set to reunite for a tour. (If you don't know who they are, ask your mum.)

Given the number of similar acts reuniting in recent years, it seemed like only a matter of time before the London band got back together - although considering that their end was rather messy and involved various legalities in 1992, it might never have happened.

Nevetherless, the Daily Mail reports that Matt and Luke Goss, now 47, will reunite for a European arena tour next year, 25 years after splitting, and that keyboardist Craig Logan - who sued their management for royalties after leaving in 1989 - will not take part.

They say that the Goss brothers - who scored huge hits with songs like 'When Will I Be Famous?', 'I Owe You Nothing' and 'Drop the Boy' - will earn £10 million from the tour and that Matt Goss, who has been a lounge singer in Las Vegas in recent years, will announce it at his solo gig in London on October 1st.

Could there be room for a Dublin/Belfast date on this rumoured arena tour? Watch this space...