It may sound hard to believe but even The Beatles had to overcome hurdles to make it in showbusiness. Back in 1962 John, Paul, George and (then drummer) Pete Best were told by an executive from Decca Records that they had "no future in showbusiness" after recording a demo for the label, in a decision which might rank as the single biggest mistake in the history of the music business.

The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein was shopping the group around for a record deal but was told by Decca executives Dick Rowe and Tony Meehan that they were not interested, and that "guitar groups are on the way out". The label went on to sign The Tremeloes, who auditioned to the label on the same day. To be fair, they did go on to sign The Rolling Stones but will have felt the absence of the Beatles, who went on to sign for EMI and earn the reputation as being the best band of all time.

Then again, if they signed to Decca they wouldn't have had to opportunity to work with George Martin and who knows how things would have worked out.

The original master tape of The Beatles' Decca audition will go under the hammer at Fame Bureau in London's Mayfair on November 27th and it is expected to fetch in the region of £30,000.