Harry Styles may be focusing on his acting career with a role in Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' over the last while, but the former One Direction has not entirely given up on music.

In fact, as was recently reported, he has signed a pretty big deal with Columbia Records for his solo career - and if he needs help with songs for his debut album, an offer has come from an unlikely source.

Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers said in an interview with The Sun that the band had songs left over from their recent album 'The Getaway' that Styles was welcome to.

He said: "We've got 20-30 songs that didn't make the album and are on the cutting room floor. There's one that could be great for young Harry."

Harry Styles singing an RHCP cast-off. Just imagine it there for a moment. Go on, imagine it. You're welcome.