There are certain events that, when you realise it's been a decade, makes you more aware of the decay of time and the advancing years ahead of you.

For some, it may be political events. For us, it's learning that Rebecca Black's 'Friday' was released TEN YEARS AGO this week. That's right, that awful song is now an entire decade old. The one that you listened to in aghast horror that it was even released is now ten whole years old.

To celebrate this cultural reset's decade-long presence in our lives, there's now a remix from fellow throwbacks 3OH!3, bounce music impresario Big Freedia, and Dorian Electra. It's safe to say that the song doesn't sound anything close to the original, and maybe that's a good thing?

After all, how do you even attempt to match the same level as 'Friday' when it cannot be matched? The solution is to pitch up the vocals and throw crazy drumbeats over the song and set the tempo up by like 2000%. This is exactly the kind of song that would come on in the middle of an insane spin class and probably end up blowing out your hamstring in the process.

Best to maybe check the volume before you hit play on this one because it's... a lot.