Slowthai may have won critical acclaim for his debut album 'Nothing Great About Britain' last year, but it seems that he still needs to work on his award show etiquette.

The 25-year-old from Northampton - real name Tyron Frampton - first raised eyebrows during his rowdy performance of'Deal Wiv It' with Mura Masa. At the end of the song, he mooned the crowd. So far, so tame.

Later, while accepting his award for 'Hero of the Year' , he made disparaging remarks to host, comedian Katherine Ryan. After first accusing her of being 'jealous' about something, he grabbed her and drunkenly told her to smell his cologne, calling her 'Baby girl' before "If you want to do something, see me later. You ain’t never had no one play with you like that.”

Ryan attempted to diffuse the situation by joking that he is 'the hottest guy I've ever seen' and left the stage. However, after a member of the audience accused him of being a misogynist and threw a drink at him, he thanked them for 'ruining his speech' and jumped into the crowd to fight with the man.

Security later escorted him out of the building.

Katherine Ryan later took to Twitter to deny that the incident had made her uncomfortable.

Slowthai has yet to comment.