Rapper Matisyahu isn't having a very good week.

The American rapper, who is famed for combining his Orthodox Jewish background with a rap, reggae and beatboxing sound, reacted badly to online criticism of a recent gig of his near Houston, Texas the other day.

A fan wrote on her own Facebook page - but tagging him so that he could see the post - "I've seen Matisyahu 4 times... this was his worst performance, and to top it off he just said 'Peace out Dallas, peace out!'  and exited the stage. Seriously?" The 37-year-old has come under fire for his recent performances that have been deemed "sloppy" by some fans, but he left all fan/artist decorum at the door when he replied to the fan in question.

He responded by claiming "Not everyone is capable of receiving the truth" and "dumb people don't usually get it", and urging the fan in question to "keep your negativity to yourself."

The fan, whose profile picture is of her child, replied by saying "I wasn't disappointed in the art, I was disappointed by how sloppy you were and the asshole you've become", to which he replied "I would just like to say that your child is ugly as fuck and your name is stupid. Take your honest review and suck it!"

When he has calmed down yesterday - and following criticism of his reaction - he issued a long statement on his own Facebook page apologising. "To the lady I insulted last night I'm sorry. I got angry and defensive and yes your comments hurt and yes I read all your comments because at the end of the day I feel it's more important to connect with the people who actually have some purpose or need to be listened to. From now on I will try my best not to respond to negative comments. Fire away! I will keep making the music that I feel is important and if you don't like it and feel the need to tell me then I accept it all with a broken heart and it will feed the emotion in my music."



Via Stereogum