Radiohead have revealed that they'll soon begin work on the follow-up to their February 2011 release The King of Limbs. The band will settle into their Oxford studio in January of next year to work on new material which could end up on a new album sometime before the end of the year.

Radiohead have also confirmed they will tour next year, making next year a big one for the band. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Thom Yorke confirmed the title of one of the new songs that the band has been working on - 'Come To Your Senses'.

It will be interesting to see if Radiohead maintain the direction they established with The King of Limbs, an album which divided the band's following. Some have said it's amongst their best work and others have yearned for a return to the methods and songwriting structure of their earlier careers. Don't count out the idea of Yorke doing neither, and surprising us (yet again) with the direction he takes the new material.