Radiohead's Los Angeles concert on Sunday night raised a staggering $572,774 for Oxfam and their efforts to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake. Tickets for the special one-off concert were only available via a special online auction, and drew stars like Justin Timberlake, Daniel Craig, Rosanna Arquette, Jessica Biel and Charlize Theron.

The gig also saw the band unveil a new song, 'Lotus Flower', which is set to appear on Radiohead's next album, and had previously only been heard performed solo by Thom Yorke.

Meanwhile, Yorke has revealed plans to cover Peter Gabriel's 1982 song 'Wallflower' as part of a "song-swap" project with the former Genesis man. Gabriel's upcoming covers album 'Scratch My Back' features a take on Radiohead's 'Street Spirit (Fade Out)', as well as covers of songs by David Bowie, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Talking Heads and more. According to, each of the covered artists will tackle a Peter Gabriel track on a forthcoming record called 'I'll Scratch Yours'. In his recent podcast, Gabriel spoke of Thom Yorke's plans for 'Wallflower'.
"Thom wanted to do a version of 'Wallflower' which I'm very curious to hear. I think that was an important track for him when he was 14. That'll be a treat for next year."