The Jameson Bow St. Sessions takes place this coming Thursday at Dublin's Sugar Club, and over the last few weeks we've been bringing you Q&As with the acts that are on the line-up, BARQ and Booka Brass.

They'll be joined at the gig by soul singer Soulé, who will perform her own set as well as collaborating with the other two acts on the night for a special one-off performance, the full details of which won't be revealed until the night.

Before that, we had a chat with the UK-born, Dublin-raised artist to find out more about what makes her tick – and what to expect of her set on Thursday.

What’s the music that you listened to growing up, that you still listen to today?
I grew up listening to a lot of old school r’n’b and was a big fan of The Spice Girls.

When did you first realise that you wanted a career in music?
After watching Beyoncé's Glastonbury performance in 2011.

In three words, describe the minute before you walk on stage.
Anxious, excited, ready,

How do you wind down after a gig?
I usually ring my mam and then leg it to McDonald's to buy chicken nuggets.

What’s the one song you wish you’d written or recorded first?
‘Work’ by Rihanna.

What song of yours are you most proud of?
‘Love No More’ & ‘Waterfalls’.

What’s your favourite venue to perform in?
The Button Factory.

Your best and worst gig so far?
All my gigs so far have been pretty awesome.

Vinyl or digital downloads?

Give your thoughts on Spotify in three words.
Innovative, fresh, vibes.

You can only have three albums on your phone/in your house at any one time - what three would you pick for today?
‘Durt’ by Ray BLK , ‘Awaken My Love’ By Childish Gambino, ‘CrazySexyCool’ by TLC.

Name one piece of music memorabilia that you wish you owned.
Every single one of Bob Marley’s records on vinyl.

Name one record, one book and one film that everyone should hear / read / see.
‘Love No More’, Purple Hibiscus & Fast 5.

Pick the director and lead actor(s) for a biopic about your life.
Angela Bassett.

You’re ordering take-away, what do you get?
One side pepperoni and one side Cajun chicken pizza.

You’ve been given €100,000 to spend, but only 1 hour to spend it. What do you buy?
I would buy a car because 1 hour is not enough time to go clothes shopping.

Describe your perfect day off.
Netflix and food.

A big part of the Jameson Bow St. Sessions is collaboration - what have been your favourite famous musical collaborations over the years? 
Jay Z and Kanye West in ‘Otis'.

Can you give us a teaser of what to expect from your own Bow St. Sessions collaboration?
Just some cool live music with my cool live band.


The Jameson Bow St. Sessions take place at Dublin's Sugar Club on January 26th. Register here for free tickets. Drink Aware.