You may remember Puddle of Mudd for their short-lived stint in the spotlight around 2001, when the Missouri band had a couple of hits with 'Blurry' and 'She Hates Me'.

Well, they're still together and have released five albums to date, the most recent being last year's 'Welcome to Galvania'.

Frontman Wes Scantlin - who has been open about his addiction problems but has been sober since 2017 - has been in the headlines for numerous criminal offences and on-stage misdemeanours over the years, including being arrested for hitching a ride on a baggage carousel at an airport in 2015, and rigging a 'fake bomb' to his car to deter people from stealing it in 2016.

However, the musician has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, thanks to a video of him singing Nirvana's 'About a Girl'.

The clip was filmed back in January for Sirius XM but is 'unlisted' which meant that it didn't come up in searches (why is that?) and only recently gained traction. Since being unearthed in recent days, it's already surpassed a million views on YouTube.

Let's be kind and just say that he... struggles to hit the high notes. Or most notes, in fact.

Watch it below:

Scantlin has not addressed the video directly, but his most recent post on the band's Instagram page may be a not-so-subtle riposte to his newfound infamy...