Woe betide the world that makes PSY an international hit and phenomenon. The South Korean 'artist's new song Gentleman has barely been online a day an it's already amassed over 52.9 million views as of this morning, 22 million of those coming in the first 24 hours. The follow-up to Gangnam Style features more of the same from the spectacle wearing, crazy dancing sensation, with a beat that manages to be more irritating than his first single. It's like the Crazy Frog and Benny Benassi had a deformed cross-species love child and we're being forced to listen to it.

The key moment we can't get over (and there are many)? When PSY farts into his hand and releases it in front of a girl's face. Yup, that happened. Thanks world. Nice to see we're all evolving as a species.